Lufkin Group of Alcoholics Anonymous


  • September 8th: Speaker- Mike S.
  • September 10th: Group Conscience @ 7 PM
  • September 15th: Speaker Marc S.- Lufkin
  • September 16th: Round Robin @ Lifeline
  • September 22nd: Speaker- John S.
  • September 29th: Birthday Night
  • October 6th: Speaker-Don H. (Lifeline)‚Äč

Upcoming Birthdays!

Come celebrate with us on September 29th! We kick things off at 7:00 PM with a potluck dinner and fellowship. At 8:00 PM the birthday recognition's begin and we finishing the night off with cake!

Upcoming Events!

Come join us for the various events and activities going on at our group as well as the District and Area. It's a great way to fellowship and be apart of!

Paula A.                                             3 Years

Olivia                                                  4 Years